Thursday, April 19, 2018

Some 1939 United States Street and Parking Lot Photos

From time to time I need a break from discussing styling features.  For examples, last year I did this post about a photo of a major downtown Seattle intersection taken in the summer of 1942.

Now I'll present some 1939 views of streets and parking lots that I've gathered from here and there on the Internet.  Car-spotters should enjoy identifying various models.  History-minded viewers might simply enjoy these peeks into the past.

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Parking lot, Newport News, Virginia.

Parking lot for New York World's Fair.

Ford Pavilion roadway, New York World's Fair.

Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angles, looking west at Commonwealth.

New York: 34th Street near Fifth Avenue. This image will not enlarge much.

Sears rooftop parking lot, Los Angeles.

Sears rooftop parking lot, Los Angeles.

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Unknown said...

It's quite eye opening seeing the advance in styling, if one considers that the approximate gap between the oldest and newest cars in the photos is 10 years. More amazing when one considers that the next major shift in motor car styling would happen over an even shorter period of time after the war.