Monday, August 1, 2016

Honda's Prettiest Preludes

Honda's Prelude was a sporty line produced 1978-2001.  A Wikipedia entry about Preludes is here.  That article mentions that there were five generations of Preludes.  The second (1983-87) and third (1988-91) generation Preludes are those that interest me.

Those Preludes were very attractive coupés in an angular variation of the so-called "three-box" style.  Besides having distinct, nearly flat body surfaces, these cars had plenty of glass area -- their greenhouses being a little less than 40 percent of their total body height.

The overall visual effect of these Preludes was that of lightness and grace, something lacking in prior and later generation Preludes.

Second and third generation Preludes have a very similar appearance, even though the third generation cars were slightly longer and details differed subtly.  In the paired mages below, second generation Preludes are shown first, third generation cars below.


The second generation Prelude has a character line running near the top of the fender, and the third generation Prelude lacks this.

Third generation Preludes have lower hoods.  They also lack a grille above the bumper, though below-bumper treatment is similar for both cars.  The third generation car's appearance is cleaner from this point of view.

The third generation car has a slightly longer greenhouse.  Also, the windshield and backlight are raked a bit more.  Differences in hood height are also apparent, the third generation car having a more pointed nose.

The main difference in these rear quarter views is the subtle spoiler-like sculpting around the top of the trunk.  C-pillars are thinner, making the greenhouse even airier.

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