Friday, July 13, 2018

Phantom Corsair as Movie Star

Time for another change of pace.  I wrote about ketchup heir Rust Heinz's Cord-based Phantom Corsair here.  In that post I noted that the car played the role of the Flying Wombat brand in the 1938 comedy movie "Young in Heart".

I found a few marginal-quality outtake images from the film on the Web and thought it might be amusing to post them.


This seems to be a publicity photo including the Flying Wombat, Paulette Goddard and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

View of the Flying Wombat showroom.  It's a matte shot, most of the background being painted.  The cars are either painted or altered photos.

Showroom scene.

These showroom scenes include a diagram view of the car in the background.

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