Monday, June 25, 2018

Fussy Buick Envision Gets Fussier Facelift

The Buick Envision crossover SUV is noteworthy because they are assembled in China and exported to the USA.  Some background is here.

As is usual in these days of wind tunnel tested bodies with similar shapes, stylists relied on elaborate side and rear sculpting plus ornamentation to distinguish Envisons from competing cars such as Toyota's RAV4 and Ford's Escape.

The Envision was launched in China in 2015 and appeared in America for the 2016 model year.  For 2019 the Envision was given a facelift that adds clutter to an already fussy design.


Frontal view of a 2016 Envision.  It is comparatively clean compared to current Toyota and Honda standards, featuring a grille with traditional Buick vertical bars.

But the frontal design is not simple.  The bulged fender over the front wheel opening coupled with the stubby hood creates a heavy appearance that contrasts with the straighter side character lines.

The 2019 facelift was minor for the front.  The lower air intake area was given a more horizontal trim theme.  The grille bar treatment has a horizontal backdrop (click to enlarge for a better view) creating a visually busy area.  This busyness in compounded by the horizontal chrome strakes added to the Buick badge ensemble.

Rear 3/4 view of the '16 Envision.  Side sculpting with a dip over the doors is a variation on a styling cliché.  Another cliché is the horizontal chrome bar above the license plate.  Otherwise, rear styling is fairly restrained.

The facelift jazzed up the rear in a messy, confused manner.

This can be better appreciated in this near- end-view.  There is a needless curved, outer "frame" at the far edges.  At the center is a strong horizontal fold canted inwards toward the bottom that creates a confusing surface when compared to the rest of the car's rear.  The angled side folds of the license plate indentation relate to nothing else, adding to the clutter and confusion.  The chrome bar on the '16 Envision partly overlaps the tail lights, thereby creating a bit of unity.  Here, the bar simply touches the tail lights, eliminating such unity and creating yet another set of independent, clashing decorative elements.


emjayay said...

Agree. The change to the tail lights/chrome bar is kind of the opposite of what they did with the midterm face lift of the Opel Insignia/Buick Regal.

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