Monday, December 4, 2017

1992 Ford/Ghia Focus Concept vs. Porsche Speedster

Normally when I compare the design of one car to that of another I deal with specific similarities and differences.  This time, I compare two cars that have no design details that closely match, yet share a common feeling thanks to a few features that are evocative.

The primary subject is the 1992 Ford/Ghia Focus concept car.  Background regarding it can be found here and here.

It is a striking design, basically clean but with odd, "organic" (in a kind of biological sense) details placed here and there.  About all that came of the Focus was its name that has been widely used on various Fords cars starting in 1998.  In other words, it is an example of a pure styling exercise.

And the other car?  It's the Porsche 356 Speedster launched in the mid-1950s (information about the 356 series Porsches here, scroll to"Body styles" for mention of the Speedster).

The following images are paired with the Focus on top, Porsche Speedsters below.


Both cars are two-place roadsters with low, moderately-wrapped windshields.  Porsche: Bonhams photo.

Hoods are low, flowing down towards the bumper / impact area.  Each has thin, chromed side decoration.  Porsche: For sale photo.

Perhaps the major thematic similarity lies in the broad "shoulders" on each side of the passenger compartment opening related to the large-radius upper parts of the fenders.

The Focus features an interesting sprinkling of tail lights.  And the early Speedsters have some rather little dots too, especially if the reflectors are included.  Porsche: RM Sotheby's photo.

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jrm said...

The Focus concept is a wretched little abomination. A car that could only a Nike shoe designer could love.