Thursday, March 9, 2017

Honda's First-Generation CRX Sporty Car

The Honda CRX (in America, CR-X -- in Japan it originally was the Ballade Sports CR-X) was a very attractive sporty car marketed for model years 1984-1991, the first-generation years being 1984-1987. Wikipedia background information is here.

The first-generation CRX was in many respects a major facelift of the third-generation Honda Civic hatchback shown immediately below.

Whereas the hatchback could seat four people if back-seat passengers weren't very large, the CRX only accommodated the driver and one passenger.


The main frontal differences between the hatchback and the CRX were the headlight housings and the narrow grille bar seen here.

Due to its small size, the CRX was not awe-inspiring.  On the other hand, I see no design flaws worth mentioning.

Second-generation CRXs arrived as streamlining was beginning to be taken very seriously by the automobile industry.  The result was a softened look, especially in the headlight-hood zone and the shape of the side window abaft of the B-pillar.  A result of that result is a loss of style character: I prefer first-generation CRXs.

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