Monday, February 2, 2015

Buick's Nifty 1962 Skylark

As this Wikipedia entry states, "Skylark" was a model name Buick used for six different cars ranging from (at first) expensive, low-production convertibles to (finally) nondescript compacts.

My favorite Skylark in the 1962 hardtop model with a white top, black lower body and red upholstery.  One reason why I like it is because my parents owned one.  But I mostly like it because it was nicely styled for its time.

As for quibbles, I think the passenger compartment could have been lengthened two or three inches (5-7 cm) to the rear.  And the rounded points at the front of the fenders seem tacked-on when seen across the grille as in the top photo below.  However, I'm not sure a different treatment would have improved the car's looks much or at all.

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