Thursday, December 4, 2014

Styling Crime?: 1953-55 MG TF

Most post- World War 2 MG T-series sports cars were exported to the United States.  The TC series (1945-49) and TD series of 1950-53 were especially beloved.  That affection led to difficulties while MG was readying the completely restyled MGA for production (I wrote about it here).  The primary problem was the interim, facelifted 1953-55 MG TF and the nature of its facelift, the subject of this post.

For background information on the various T-series MGs, click here.

Was the facelift a Styling Crime?  It seemed so for TC and TD true believers, as best I recall.

Me?  Well, I rather liked the TF's looks.  While the classical, upright stance of previous T-series roadsters had been eliminated, the new hood (bonnet), grille and headlamp schemes (those where the most visible changes) created a more aggressive appearance while remaining in the classic 1930s British sporting car mode.


1951 MG TD - Shannons auction photo
The TD was a slightly filled-out version of the rather spindly TC (see link, above).  Come to think of it, the TD came in for some criticism thanks to those changes.  Note the horizontal hood line, the nearly-vertical grille and freestanding headlamps.

1954 MG TD - Barrett-Jackson auction photos
Here we see the hood line sloping downwards a little, the grille leaning backwards and the headlamps partly sunk into the slightly modified fenders (wings).

Was the MG TF really a Styling Crime?  Only for ultra-traditionalist TC and TD fans, say I.

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